Wednesday, 27 February 2013

23/2/13 - Friends 19th Birthday : OOTN & bits..

So this weekend was an eventful one it was my lovely friend Emily's 19th birthday celebration and we decided we were going to go to Deansgate locks in Manchester, even though we're all from Manchester we have never been to the locks as we usually hit Printworks or Deansgate in general. We had a great night apart from some idiots trying to hit on us when we all have boyfriends and they would not go away-_- anyway I bought a dress from lipsy and I know.. Lipsy dresses sometimes can look a bit cheap but this dress was incredible. It cost me £37.00 inc student discount but i'm going to get lots of wear out of it, my face makeup was on the heavy side as i opted for a ott sparkly cut crease with a nude lip , i loved my whole look and all my friends looked gorgeous. 

Now onto the other bits and bobs. The last time i properly blogged it was about my hair so heres an update, I no longer have long dark hair infact now i have short pink hair haha! Ive always wanted pink hair and i love it soooo much! Matches my personality so well , going to be keeping this for a while. 
I've also managed to gain 2 tattoos on my break from blogging.. I'm not going to go into massive detail about them cause i'll be sat here all day but they do have meaning to me and i love them very much and i plan to get many more! The first one i have is 'Bolsillo lleno de suenos' which means 'Pocketful of dreams' in spanish and thats on my thigh , and i have 'Smile , life is beautiful<3' on my collarbone. If anyone would like a detailed post on these with info about price, aftercare and pain then dont hesistate to ask cause i'll do it:) Anyway here's the photos , Love alanah xxxx

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