Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Neonnnn - OOTD

So , this is my first ootd as i've never done one before and this outfit is my absolute favourite!
It's loud yet has some edge to it. 
The top and pants are both from Topshop , the top was £10 but i'm pretty sure you could find one cheaper somewhere as its a plain neon oversized crop top.
The tailored patterned pants were £38 which i think is totally worth the money as I will get so much wear out of these casual and formal. 
I find that i could wear both these items with other things aswell which is key in buying something expensive.
Enjoy x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

EOTD - Purple glittery smokey eye

For some reason I cannot get enough of purple eyeshadow atm , I'm literally putting purple with everything , I was just messing around with my make-up on this day but here's what I came up with.

One of the photos has lashes and one doesnt just to show:) now heres what i used..
- Illamasqua medium pencil in Vow (as a base for eye lid)
- Sleek contour kit in Light ( warm brown for crease to help all the colours blend together)
- Urban Decay eyeshadow in Gravity (purple definition for crease to create a gradient)
- Bright purple from the Sleek Ultra Mattes v2 pallette to make the look pop.
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin ( light shimmer with a pink undertone for the lid)
- Any black eyeshadow for the outer part(for more definition)
- Ben Nye Aqua glitter in Galactic violet. 
- Illamasqua medium pencil in Sophie for waterline.
Of course you dont need to use these products it's totally up to you , hope you enjoyed.

Love Ally xxx

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

23/2/13 - Friends 19th Birthday : OOTN & bits..

So this weekend was an eventful one it was my lovely friend Emily's 19th birthday celebration and we decided we were going to go to Deansgate locks in Manchester, even though we're all from Manchester we have never been to the locks as we usually hit Printworks or Deansgate in general. We had a great night apart from some idiots trying to hit on us when we all have boyfriends and they would not go away-_- anyway I bought a dress from lipsy and I know.. Lipsy dresses sometimes can look a bit cheap but this dress was incredible. It cost me £37.00 inc student discount but i'm going to get lots of wear out of it, my face makeup was on the heavy side as i opted for a ott sparkly cut crease with a nude lip , i loved my whole look and all my friends looked gorgeous. 

Now onto the other bits and bobs. The last time i properly blogged it was about my hair so heres an update, I no longer have long dark hair infact now i have short pink hair haha! Ive always wanted pink hair and i love it soooo much! Matches my personality so well , going to be keeping this for a while. 
I've also managed to gain 2 tattoos on my break from blogging.. I'm not going to go into massive detail about them cause i'll be sat here all day but they do have meaning to me and i love them very much and i plan to get many more! The first one i have is 'Bolsillo lleno de suenos' which means 'Pocketful of dreams' in spanish and thats on my thigh , and i have 'Smile , life is beautiful<3' on my collarbone. If anyone would like a detailed post on these with info about price, aftercare and pain then dont hesistate to ask cause i'll do it:) Anyway here's the photos , Love alanah xxxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Burlesque inspired make-up tutorial.  < Tutorial here!  Subscribe it's free & i subscribe back to everyone!x

I just want to give a massive thankyou to everyone who's already subscribed to me , you don't even know how much this means to me , as much as i love blogging making videos appeals to me more as i can explain my looks more to you instead of putting it into words.  The whole reason I started this youtube was to help others ,not saying I know everything because i'm still learning myself, I've always gone through life on my own not being supported by anyone as when I told my parents/family what I wanted to do with my life they said 'it's not a real job , your living in a bubble' and my sister wants to be an actress and singer so they put all their efforts into her & left me to my own devices and if i'd achieved something they wouldn't want to know. Sometimes my friends didn't understand why i wanted to get into make-up either as i'd sit in my house for hours on end studying make-up so you have no idea how much it means to even have a few subscribers in my eyes i see it as support , i'm not one of those people just trying to plug my channel to get more views , i'm genuinely doing this for myself and personal reasons. To one 'beauty guru' it may be just another subscriber , but to me it's something completely different. So it'd mean alot to me if you would subscribe or just even watch my videos. Thankyou very much<3 

Friday, 10 August 2012

OOTD ; Baby cousins christening & Burlesque make-up

I've only just realised i've never actually done many ootd's cause I never think anyone would be interested in what i wear haha! but because this was a special occasion i thought i'd show you.
Now let me just say i'm not a girly dresser & I don't like wearing girly colours like pink unless its my make-up , it's just not me so for me to wear a flowy dress with pinks & purples is a big deal for me & the only reason i liked this dress was because i could not bring myself to wear black or a dark colour to a christening ahah! 
My dress is from Bank & it was £25 (thinking of selling it for about £15 though)
Shoes: New Look - £20 
Make-up : I wore the kim kardashian mermaid make-up that I did a post on a few months ago , but with a pink lip instead of nude. 

I watched burlesque for about the 9876545678 millionth time the day after the christening nursing an evil hangover and there was a certain look on christina that i fell in love with but i'd forgotten about so while i was in the mood , I re-did this burlesque look! Gonna post a tutorial on it next week sometime i think:-)
Love ally xo